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Answer to Question 12: Can you accommodate rush orders for uniforms?

“Yes, we understand that sometimes there are urgent requirements for uniforms, and we do our best to accommodate rush orders. Our ability to fulfill a rush order depends on several factors, including the complexity of the design, the quantity needed, and our current production schedule.

Here’s how we handle rush orders:

  1. Assessment of Requirements: We first assess the specifics of your order, including the quantity, design, and desired delivery date.
  2. Production Capacity Check: We then check our current production capacity to determine if we can expedite your order without compromising the quality of our products.
  3. Communication of Feasibility and Costs: If we can accommodate your rush order, we will inform you of any additional costs associated with the expedited process. Rush orders typically require overtime or additional resources, which may incur extra charges.

Prioritization and Production: Once we agree on the terms, we prioritize your order in our production schedule to ensure timely delivery

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