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 Are you seeking a profitable Business Idea to position yourself for a new business challenge, after the global pandemic?

Do you need another stream of income to complement what you are doing presently (starting a part time business )?

If your answer is yes to the above, this training session is for you.

When you attend my training

You will get information to help you start your uniform production service without worry over the substantial initial capital outlay to set up a garment factory.

You will instantly learn how to make and meet demands for bulk uniforms services, all you need his your business name, and registration of the business account.

Why am I dedicating my time to doing this!

12years ago, I started with one sewing machine and a tailoring staff. Several Challenges over the years and now successful in what I do, with our client base all over Nigeria, working from our garment factory in Lagos. I have decided to give back to be a blessing to anyone who will be willing to attend, learn, and implement the strategy. I will get you to start running a profitable uniform making business while I partner with you. My years of experience gives you an accelerated start to this business concept. On the other hand, it allows me to expand our partnership base.

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When you submit your details , we will send you our online free training link to your registered email address.

What you will learn during this training session

Lesson 1

You will be Introduce to the business opportunity, i.e., making and supply of bulk uniform services. I will also present to you what this business opportunity could offer.


Lesson 3

I will give the comparison between the reality of what it will take to set up a garment factory versus this business idea you are about to learn.


Lesson 5

Learn what you have to look out for to choose a garment factory, partnering with them, and maintain an open relationship.


Lesson 2

The type of uniform products you can supply. You will learn the various aspect and areas of uniform making.


Lesson 4

You will learn the various tools and strategies you need to succeed in the business.


Lesson 6

How to get clients and meet demand without delay


Lesson 7

Special Bonus. Tips and tricks to start your clothing line or what you call Clothing Label and add to this business idea


In case You are still not convinced if the training is worth it, check out the additional bonus offer

Bonus 1: Every participant will have the opportunity to a private one on one Mentorship.

Bonus 2: Will set up your details on our database, grant you a partner’s user id which you will use while carrying out activities for production at our factory, at discounted rates

Business Idea

About the course instructor

My name is Ojomo Oluwafemi, Managing Director of Aimee and Annabel, a uniform sewing factory in Nigeria. I have rendered bulk sewing service to individuals, companies, agents all over Nigeria since 2006. We have also established various clothing brands. To mention a few, our clients include Tastee Fried Chicken, The Place restaurant, Olam international Ilorin, Redeem Christain Church, Christ Embassy. Shell Porthacourt, Kwik Delivery, and logistic company, the list still accounting.
Before this time, I own and run an Educational institution where I am still presently servicing on the board as a Director.
You will also benefit from my vast knowledge of Information Technology in the area of web development and SEO, which I will share some information with you. I did my first degree in Business Administration and had further study in Information Technology. I am married to My Lovely Wife, who is a partner and blessed with four lovely daughters.
I wait to meet with you.

Business Opportunity Masterclass

7 Practical Lesson
One-on-one Interactive Session
Partner User ID

Fantastic opportunity: For the next few weeks, we will start charging for our online training program. The first 30 individuals to register will attend our online training program and mentorship for free. Register Now!

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