Tailors Needed If you are keen on advancing your tailoring proficiency in the clothing Industry, come work with us! This is your chance to do meaningful and productive work and also be part of our great team. Whether you are Factory Manager, supervisor, cutter, tailors, Annabel and Aimee offer exciting and rewarding possibilities. Our team of staff is actually made up of professionals from across the country, focused on helping one another grow and maximizing individual staff's full potential. We leverage our collective and personal strength to create change through our work and realize the highest standard of excellence. We are committed to knowledge sharing; we additionally provide opportunities and platforms for learning and skilled development.

Opportunities are available in the following:

 Experience Tailors Needed for

Corporate Shirts

Corporate Trouser

T-Shirt and Polo T-shirt

Female Clothing

For inquiry, please call 08023176620,  09060009640

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