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Clothing Line

Clothing Line:

T-shirts, Polo T-Shirts, sweatshirts, hoodies, pants, shirts, etc.


People often ask questions such as:  how do I start a clothing line, how do I find a manufacturer for my fashion label, How much will it cost to startup? Starting a clothing label with these questions in mind makes it challenging for many who have no experience in the industry. With the complexity of the sector, without specialized training in starting a clothing brand, what you need is a passion for your brand, self-assurance, and confidence that you can do it. It will help if you are self-motivated and full of enthusiasm for your clothing line. With these characteristics, you will succeed.


Tips to consider when starting a Clothing Line


  • Firstly, you need to write a business plan. A business plan serves as a guide to what you want to do inline with starting your clothing label. With your business plan, you can anticipate and have an estimate of your startup cost, production cost, marketing plan, and distribution method.  As you go on in carrying out your business plan, you should be able to make changes. Your business plan should not be rigid. It should be flexible.


  • Secondly, is to consider your Niche Market. You need to identify the audience you want to serve. It helps you with knowing how to style each design in your clothing line. You need to research your target demographic for an instant; you may want to determine if your clothing line is for children, women men, or both men and women, etc.


  • After you have identified your niche market, it will give you an idea of what fabric you should consider for your clothing line. We recommended that you use quality, durable material. It will help to sustain your brand. You should use a material that is comfortable on the body, for your clothing line.


  • Make your name official. Register your name with the appropriate government agencies.


  • Find and partner with a reliable clothing line manufacturer that will help bring to reality your visions and goal


Aimee & Annabel, Your Clothing Line manufacturer

Now that you are finally ready to launch start and grow your clothing line in., we at Aimee and Annabel will love to partner with you.

After the conceptualizing phase of putting your idea together to creating your clothing line designs, your next step is to find a Factory for Clothing Line in Nigeria

Aimee and Annabel is your perfect partner to help manufacture your new range of clothing designs.

Before making up your mind engaging a Factory in Nigeria, you should make sure the company meets the following criteria in terms of price, delivery time, quality, and experience. Our company processes these attributes.

When it comes to providing you with the right quality services for a price that fits your budget, Aimee and Annabel are up to the task.

We are cable to meet your demand, delivering at the right time and place. You can count on our vast years of experience.

Our process: conception to collection

Our process starts with the sourcing of fabrics, making patterns, and creating a sample to see if we have met the client’s specifications. If the sample meets the specification, we moved to the next stage, which is the production that involves the mass production of,  quality control, finishing, and packaging.

In summary, at Aimee and Annabel,  our services cut across three stages: Consultation, Development, and Manufacturing.

How we can help you

  • With Aimee & Annabel, you get everything you want under one roof.
  • Our Minimum Order quantity is very low. We did this to help you lower your Inventory Risk. Our MOQ Starts with two Dozen.
  • You are assured of quality.
  • We ensure we help you make your experience easy and fruitful. When you share your vision and ideas with us, we help bring it to reality, while you focus on how to take your product to the market, build and grow your brand.
  • We help and advise you.
  • We lower your production cost as you grow with us.


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