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Polo and t shirt

If you are looking to purchase high-quality T-shirts, polos in bulk, you have come to the right place. Aimee and Annabel is the leading T-Shirt Factory in Nigeria, providing blank. Stylish and comfortable t-shirts at the lowest price possible. You have the options from our factory production to choose a selection of styles, colors, and fabric. Regardless of what kind of  T-shirts and polos you are looking to purchase, we can give you precisely what you want at bargain prices.

As a T-Shirt Factory in Nigeria, running our garment factory enables us to control operational efficiency, costs, and product quality and provide a reliable supply chain with short production/delivery cycle times.

About Aimee & Annabel – your T-Shirt Factory in Nigeria. Established in 1996, Aimee & Annabel, your number 1 T-shirt and clothing manufacturer in Nigeria. We are suppliers, exporters and a leading custom made plain t-shirt producer in Nigeria.

We specialize in men’s wear, women’s wear, children’s clothing & infant wear. Our products include T-Shirts, Polo T-Shirts, Sportwear, crop-tops, Sweatshirts, Vests, athletic wear, team uniforms, activewear, jackets using only premium quality fabrics.


The services we provide

We render the following

  • We customized the Bulk production of our products for individuals and companies.
  • Wholesale production
  • Private Label/clothing line production
  • Retail ready to wear service
  • Printing and garment embellishment
  • Others Garment production


Clothing Manufacturer in Nigeria

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The team at Aimee & Annabel takes immense pride not only in the creativity and the work we produce but also in the service we render. We love producing high-quality clothing and thrive on the enthusiasm of the businesses we work with on a daily basis.

Our Service

Customized bulk production

Firstly, as a T-Shirt Factory in Nigeria, we offer bulk customize t-shirt, polo T-shirts production to individuals and organizations with their brand identity. The process includes material sourcing to pattern making, sample creation, cutting, sewing in quantity, and finally ensuring quality finish and packaging. We carry out all these in-house. Below is the detailed process of our custom order.

The first requirement for a custom order is for you as a customer to send us a brief on what you want us to produce. You may send us a detailed picture. If you don’t have a picture representation of what you will love to make, we can help create a graphical work with your brand identity, which come with a fee

We confirm the type and size of the T-shirt: like producing men’s T-shirts, women’s T-shirts or children’s T-shirts, straight cut or slim fit, UK size or US size. All this information are necessary for customized production

The next step is choosing your preferred fabric, including materials like cotton, polyester, and blended fabric. Pure cotton for daily casual wear, pure polyester for sportswear. You could also request a blend of material like specific percentages of cotton and polyester

We may like to know which kind of printing is needed for your project. Is either you opt for either printing or embroidery: for designed logo or pattern. Printing can be screen printing, digital printing, etc.

Quotation: base on your requirements above, we will draw out a quote for your approval.

Sampling: On approval of the quotation, we produce a sample and send it to you for consent to details and quality

Lastly, based on the sample approval, we mass-produce your batch order, inspect it before shipment. Pack and delivery, then you will receive the goods sooner.

Wholesale Plain T-shirt Production

Secondly, we do produce plain or also called blank t-shirt in wholesale.

One of our primary services is to provide Bulk Plain T-shirts at wholesale price.

Wholesale T-shirts come in various sizes and colors. Please note, we do large-scale production without compromising the quality of material and perfect finishing. All our plain t-shirts and polo are of top quality. We maintain the highest standard, not compromising on costs. We know that quality matters over price in today’s world, and hence we didn’t cut any corners to come out with the perfect t-shirt wholesale.

When we sell bulk plain t-shirt wholesale, we do not mean you have to order a particular minimum quantity, but the wholesale price comes to effect as quantity increases.

There is absolutely no minimum order requirement for wholesale plain t-shirts. At first, most of our customers will order a single quantity to check out the quality before ordering larger quantities. This way you can be sure that the plain t-shirts you order are just right for your needs.

Reasons why our plain wholesale t-shirts and polo are different

  • The quality of material we use is different from that of the typical Asian production in our various market
  • Our T-shirts are not one size fits all
  • No matter the volume produced, it all comes with perfect finishing

Join our  National  network of dedicated distributors in over 28 location nationwide to bring our brand of t-shirts to the doorsteps for Nigerians

Printing and garment embellishment

As a T-Shirt Factory in Nigeria, Aimee and Annabel offer several ways to embellish your clothing: screen printing, digital printing, and embroidery.

Screen printing is an admired printing process in which the task is actually simple. This involves transferring your work on a mesh frame, which is called a screen. After this, you try adding ink to the screen and drive down the ink on your clothes. This specific approach is unique from digital printing in that it makes use of an actual display to use the style instead of using a digital photograph. Screen printing is outstanding if you want a design that includes colors that can be daring, as the ink is really thicker compared to digital printing.

Digital printing Unlike screen printing, digital printing is actually a newer printing procedure invented around the same time as the home computer system. The task involves coming up with a digital design and printing it directly out of a laptop upon the clothes. As mentioned before, digital printing is actually a fantastic way for a design featuring heightened details, including photography, or perhaps a good deal of colors.

As digital printing requires a lot less real physical equipment, the cost is, high than screen printing. Digital printing is unique when it comes to complicated jobs.

Embroidery is actually a wholly different embellishment compared to printing. The procedure entails manually or automatically stitching a thread into a design on clothes.

 Embroidery requires no printer ink or printing, and it makes a raised textured look often not achieved by screen printing or possibly digital printing. This particular process is frequently used for logos and names featured on shirts, hats, etc

When you aim to embellish cloths, all 3 processes can carry out the trick. You must recognize just what you’re searching for or need. When you would love a bold, handmade appearance, screen printing is actually the best option. If your design is intricate, digital printing might be your best option.

Ready To Wear

T-Shirts, polo T-shirts are mass-produced in Standardized sizes and are sold as finished products as our ready to wear service. We do not design and sew for one particular person. You can visit our store to purchase the rack and wear it immediately without alteration. You could also place your order through our online store.

Private Label/clothing line production

People often ask how do they start a clothing line. Starting a clothing line may seem to be challenging for many who have no experience in the industry. With the complexity of the sector, without specialized training in starting a clothing line, what you need is a passion for your brand, self-assurance, and confidence that you can do it. It will help if you are self-motivated and full of enthusiasm for your clothing line. With these characteristics, you will succeed.

Aimee & Annabel, Your clothing line T-Shirt Factory in Nigeria

Now that you are finally ready to launch, start and grow the clothing line, we at Aimee and Annabel will love to partner with you.

After the conceptualizing phase of putting your idea together to creating your clothing line designs, your next step is to find a Factory for Clothing Line in Nigeria

Aimee and Annabel is your perfect partner to help manufacture your new range of clothing designs.

Before making up your mind engaging a Factory for Clothing Line in Nigeria, you should make sure the company meets the following criteria: price, delivery time, quality, and experience. Our company processes these attributes.

When it comes to providing you with the right quality services for a price that fits your budget, Aimee and Annabel are up to the task.

We are cable to meet your demand, delivering at the right time and place. You can count on our vast years of experience.

Our process: conception to collection

Our process starts with sourcing for fabrics, making patterns, and creating a sample to see if we have met the client’s specifications. If the sample meet specification, we moved to the next stage, which is the production that involves mass production of,  quality control, finishing, and packaging.

In summary, our service for clothing line manufacturing cut across three stages: Consultation, Development, and Manufacturing


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