Wholesale T Shirts Manufacturer

Wholesale T Shirts Manufacturer

Wholesale  T shirts Manufacturer

If you are looking to purchase high quality, premium T-shirts in bulk, you have come to the right place. Aimee and Annabel is the leading wholesale T Shirt Manufacturer in Nigeria, providing stylish and comfortable t shirts at the lowest price possible. In our production, collection, you have a collection of styles, colors, and fabric to choose from. As an Wholesale T shirt Manufacturer, regardless of what kind of  T-shirts you are looking to purchase, we can give you exactly what you want at bargain prices.

Running our own tailoring outfit enables us to better control operational efficiency, costs, and product quality, as well as provide a reliable supply chain with short production/delivery cycle times.

Firstly we offer bulk customize t shirt production to individuals and organizations with their brand identity. The process includes material sourcing to pattern making, sample creation, cutting, sewing in quantity, and finally ensuring a quality finish and packaging. All these done in-house.

Secondly, as a Wholesale  T Shirts Manufacturer, we do supply plain which is also referred to as blank t-shirts.

One of our primary services is to provide Bulk Plain T-shirts at wholesale price. We also supply plain polo shirts.

Wholesale  T shirts plain, come in various sizes and colors. Please note, we do large-scale production without compromising the quality of material and perfect finishing. All our plain t-shirts and polo are of top quality. We maintain the highest standard not compromising on costs. We know that in today’s world quality matters over cost and hence we didn’t cut any corners to come out with the perfect t-shirt.

When we talk about selling bulk plain t shirt in wholesale, we do not mean you have to order a particular minimum quantity, but the wholesale price comes to effect as quantity increases.

There is absolutely no minimum order requirement for wholesale plain t-shirts. Most of our customers at first will order a single quantity to check out the quality before ordering larger quantities. This way you can be sure that the plain t-shirts you order are just right for your needs.

Reasons why our plain wholesale t-shirts and polo are different
The quality of material we use is different from that of the typical Asian production in our various market

 Our T-shirts are not one size fits all

No matter the volume produced, it all comes with perfect finishing

Lastly, we can help use our service wholesale t-shirt to create your clothing brand. For more details on how to create your clothing brand, CLICK HERE