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Welcome to the Premier Garment Factory in Lagos!

We welcome you to  Aimee & Annabel, the vibrant Lagos garment industry. As the leading garment factory in Lagos, we’re dedicated to providing you with superior-quality garments and comprehensive services that exceed your expectations.

Our Factory: The Heart of Lagos’ Garment Production

Our factory has a rich history firmly rooted in the clothing industry in Lagos. From humble beginnings as a small sewing factory in Lagos, we have evolved into an extensive garment manufacturing unit in Lagos, serving local and international clients.

We thrive on our core values of commitment to quality, unwavering customer service, and the relentless pursuit of innovation. Embracing state-of-the-art technology and adopting lean manufacturing methods, we have grown into a technologically advanced textile factory in Lagos.


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Our Commitment to Excellence: Where Quality Meets Variety

We take immense pride in being recognized as a high-quality garment factory in Lagos. From meticulously handpicking our raw materials to executing stringent quality control during the garment assembly in Lagos, our commitment to quality is unwavering. Our expansive product line, consisting of men’s, women’s, and children’s wear, reaffirms our position as the best garment factory in Lagos.

Exploring Our Products: Embodiment of Craftsmanship

 We cater to various fashion needs as a professional garment factory in Lagos. Our apparel production in Lagos comprises an extensive range of styles, from everyday casual wear to high-end formal wear, and a delightful collection for kids. Our commitment to offering top-quality products at competitive prices makes us the affordable garment factory Lagos resident’s trust. As a Garment Factory in Nigeria, we produce the following: shirts, Polo T-Shirts, Security Uniforms, Health Care uniforms, Mechanistic, Safety Uniforms, workers’ wear, hospitality wear, sportswear, corporate/office wears, and school uniforms.

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Services we provide

Bulk Sewing

Mass Production of various forms of uniforms of approved samples to meet up with our client expectations in terms of quality and delivery

Help Start a clothing line

We will help you take your dream from a business idea of starting a clothing line to launch in the world of fashion

Ready to wear

At Aimee and Annabel, we produce and sell factory-made clothing in standardized sizes available in a local and online stores.


We provide custom printing services on clothes using the latest technology from screen printing to embroidery to digital print.

We love to handle your next project.

The team behind the mission – Meet Our Founders

Our Production Process

Featured Collections

Our standout collections in men’s and women’s wear have earned us a reputable position in the Lagos textile and apparel industry. Furthermore, our enduring commitment to quality and detail sets us apart as a sought-after clothing manufacturer, particularly noted for our children.

Our Services: Beyond Manufacturing

We are more than just a clothing factory in Lagos. We offer a full spectrum of services encompassing every garment production stage in Lagos. We have you covered, from custom garment factory Lagos services to large-scale manufacturing. Our extensive range of services, including private labelling, custom design, and wholesale services, positions us as your go-to garment-making company in Lagos.

Private Labeling and Custom Design

Our reputation as a comprehensive service provider has made us famous for those seeking a sewing factory in Lagos. Our private labelling and custom design services, backed by an experienced and talented team, have made us a trusted partner in the Lagos garment manufacturing sector.

We invite you to experience the difference between working with a leading, professional, and reliable garment factory in Lagos. Let us bring your creative visions to life at our world-class clothing production facility in Lagos.

Why Choose Us: Pioneers in the Industry.

We are more than just a garment factory in Lagos; we are a staple in the community and a testament to our people’s hard work, dedication, and creativity. Our reputation as the leading garment factory in Lagos is a testament to the trust and respect we have garnered over the years.

Reliable Partner in Success

Choosing us as your garment production partner means aligning yourself with the garment factory in Lagos. Our knowledge, experience, and dedication make us the ideal partner for businesses looking to make their mark in the Lagos garment industry.

We thank you for considering our factory as your potential partner. Let us serve as your trusted garment manufacturing company in Lagos, and let’s create remarkable fashion pieces together that will resonate with consumers around the globe.

Our Legacy: A Foundation Built on Excellence.

We have come a long way from our early days as a modest sewing factory in Lagos. Our success story is woven with threads of determination, ingenuity, and relentless hard work, which have established us as a leading garment factory in Lagos.

Pioneers in the Industry.

We have grown in size and reputation, consistently setting benchmarks for the garment industry. Our innovative approach to design and manufacturing has placed us at the forefront of the clothing industry in Lagos.

Our Team: The Pillars of Our Success.

At the heart of our operations is a dynamic team of skilled designers, experienced craftsmen, and dedicated customer service personnel. Each individual is crucial in ensuring we remain a high-quality garment factory in Lagos.

Home to Craftsmen and Innovators

Our team’s expertise and passion ensure that every garment is a work of art, reinforcing our reputation as the best garment factory in Lagos. We work tirelessly to create products that our customers love and cherish.

Commitment to Community: Nurturing Local Talent.

We take immense pride in our role as a community builder. As a leading garment factory in Lagos, we believe in nurturing local talent, providing opportunities, and contributing to the local economy.

Fostering growth in the Lagos Garment Industry.

We are committed to fostering growth and creating opportunities in the Lagos garment manufacturing sector. We work closely with local suppliers, promote fair trade practices, and are a proud Lagos textile and apparel industry member.

Join Us: Embark on a Journey of Excellence.

As a premier clothing production facility in Lagos, we invite you to embark on a journey of excellence with us. Let us serve as your partner in creating unique, high-quality garments that will make a lasting impression.

Experience the Difference

Contact us today and experience the difference of partnering with a leading, professional, and reliable garment factory in Lagos. Let us guide you through our world of exquisite design, superior craftsmanship, and exceptional service.

We are here to serve as your trusted garment manufacturing company in Lagos, creating remarkable fashion pieces that make a statement globally. Thank you for considering us as your potential partner.

Let’s weave stories of success together, shaping the future of the Lagos garment industry.

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