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Garment Factory in Lagos

Why Travel Abroad for Your Uniforms and Garment Needs?

Our Factory Is in Lagos, Nigeria

Welcome to Aimee & Annabel's Uniform Garment Factory (AA Factory ), The Foremost Destination for Garment and Uniform Manufacturing in Lagos
Aimee & Annabel is your trusted partner in the world of clothing manufacturing. Located in the vibrant heart of Lagos, Nigeria, we take immense pride in being the leading garment factory in Lagos, delivering top-quality garments and comprehensive services. Our commitment to excellence and innovation sets us apart in the competitive landscape of Lagos' textile and apparel industry.
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Sleek Afric Jacket: African Elegance Meets Modern Style. A highlight of our garment line, this jacket beautifully blends authentic African fabrics with contemporary design, available for the USA market.
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In this image, we showcase the Bishop Collar Polo Shirt, a distinctive item from our uniform collection, custom-designed for the staff of Spectrum Technology.

Aimee & Annabel: Pioneers in Uniform Garment Manufacturing in Lagos

Nestled in the bustling heart of Lagos, Nigeria, Aimee & Annabel represents the pinnacle of garment and uniform manufacturing. Our story began as a humble sewing factory. Still, we have become a landmark in the Lagos textile industry through dedication and innovation. This journey is a testament to our resilience and unwavering commitment to excellence in Garment uniform production.

Our Mission: Garment Factory in Lagos

At Aimee & Annabel, our mission transcends beyond simply producing uniforms. We are committed to setting new standards in the garment industry. Our approach to uniform manufacturing is rooted in continuous innovation, steadfast dedication to quality, and impeccable service. Every fabric we produce reflects our excellence and core values in every aspect of our work.

Core Values: Why Aimee & Annabel Stands Out

  • Uncompromised Quality

Quality isn't just a word for us; it's a promise. At Aimee & Annabel, our uniforms represent excellence, meticulously crafted to meet standards. We take pride in delivering products that resonate with durability and elegance, defining what premium uniforms should be.

  • Customer Service

Our customers are the cornerstone of our existence. We endeavour to surpass expectations, ensuring each interaction and every product reflects our dedication to your satisfaction. For us, customer service isn't just a department; it's an integral part of our company culture.

  • Innovation 

In the constantly changing world of uniforms and garment making, remaining static is not an option. We continuously innovate and improve our operations by adopting advanced technologies and streamlined manufacturing methods. This pursuit of progress keeps Aimee & Annabel at the vanguard of the uniform garment industry in Lagos.

  • Unwavering Quality

In our Lagos, Nigeria facility, every stitch of each uniform shows our dedication to precision. Our commitment to quality reflects in every garment we produce, symbolising the pride and identity of its wearer.


Experience Our Creative Excellence: Take a Look at Our Project Showcase

Welcome to our image gallery, Garment Factory in Lagos, where we proudly showcase a variety of bulk sewing projects we've completed. Discover our commitment to quality and our ability to create diverse styles. If these creations inspire you for your next project, know that we're fully prepared to bring your vision to life!.

For more images of our past work, please click here.

Uncompromising Quality: Every Uniform Stitched with Precision and Care.

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Bulk Manufacturing

Experience large-scale production with a focus on quality and consistency. Our Lagos-based garment factory is adept at fulfilling substantial uniform orders for significant organisations and events across Nigeria, ensuring every piece meets your high standards.
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Custom Uniform

Specializing in bespoke uniforms, we capture the essence of your brand, crafting tailor-made attire ideal for schools, businesses, and special events. As Lagos's premier uniform supplier, our expertise is creating distinctive corporate and event wear that stands out.
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Our clothing stores Ogba

Ready-to-Wear Garments

Discover our diverse array of pre-designed uniforms and casual garments, readily available for immediate acquisition. In Lagos, Nigeria, we provide a variety of stylish, ready-to-wear corporate uniforms and casual attire, catering to your urgent apparel needs. Visit www.tshirtpolostore.com for more.
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Clothing Line Manufacturer

We guide your clothing line from initial concept to market-ready products, focusing on quality and contemporary trends—partner with us in Lagos for trusted, professional assistance in developing your fashion brand.
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Printing Services

Elevate your designs with our vibrant custom printing solutions, perfect for unique patterns and brand logos. Based in Lagos, we offer specialised fabric printing services to businesses across Nigeria, delivering custom textile solutions that truly stand out.
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Our Diverse Product Range at Aimee & Annabel

At our Garment Factory in Lagos, we take immense pride in presenting a vast collection of high-quality garments, each tailored to cater to the varied needs of our esteemed clients. Our product range spans various industries and styles, catering to different professional environments' unique tastes and requirements. From the structured sophistication of boardroom attire to the lively and adaptive outfits for educational settings, the critical and hygienic needs of healthcare uniforms, and the durability required in sports apparel, we ensure our designs meet these varied sectors' distinct needs and visual appeal. Each piece combines functionality, comfort, and visual appeal.

In our Garment Factory in Lagos, every category in our lineup is crafted with deliberate attention to detail, skillfully blending functionality with fashion. Our garments are not just about style but about making a statement. We ensure each piece resonates with the latest fashion trends while maintaining timeless elegance.

Offering a wide range of garments that cater to diverse styles and purposes.  Aimee & Annabel, a Garment Factory in Lagos, is confident that you will find what you're looking for, customised to your exact preferences and requirements. Embrace the diversity and quality of our range and discover the ideal fit that complements your personal style and professional needs.

Garment Factory in Lagos: Specialised Uniforms:

At the heart of our services lies a comprehensive collection of uniforms, each tailored to meet the unique demands of various sectors. These include:

  • Educational Uniforms

    Specially designed for schools and colleges, these uniforms blend comfort with a formal aesthetic, suitable for the academic environment.
  • Corporate Uniforms

    We make this clothing for business professionals; these uniforms exude sophistication and professionalism, essential for the corporate world.
  • Medical Uniforms

    These garments prioritise hygiene, comfort, and functionality, which are essential in medical settings.
  • Industrial and Safety Uniforms

    Engineered for various industries, focusing on safety and durability to withstand challenging work environments.
  • Hospitality Uniforms

    These uniforms combine elegance and practicality, essential in the hospitality industry.

Each category is conceptualised with its respective field's specific requirements and standards, ensuring functionality and professionalism are at the forefront. Learn more about the diverse industries we cater to with our specialised uniform solutions.

Garment Factory in Lagos: General Garments

Our extensive collection caters for every clothing requirement:

Casual Wear  

Perfect for everyday comfort, offering a blend of style and relaxation.


Designed for athletes and fitness enthusiasts, balancing performance and style.


Combining durability with fashion suits those seeking protective yet stylish options.

Formal Wear

Ideal for business and ceremonial occasions, these garments epitomise elegance and formality.

Children's Wear

A charming line for the young ones, focusing on comfort, style, and playful designs.

Garment Factory in Lagos:Explore Further on Our Product Page

For an in-depth exploration of our collections and to truly appreciate the meticulous care and passion infused into every product, we invite you to visit our Product Page. Here, you'll better understand the precision and dedication behind each piece. Be part of the narrative that defines our success and contribute to our ongoing journey in revolutionising the Lagos garment industry.


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Frequently Asked Questions

From basic queries to detailed explanations-we cover it all! For more FAQ please click here

What is the minimum order quantity for uniform?

The minimum order quantity (MOQ) for uniforms varies depending on the specific requirements of your order and the policies of our garment factory. Generally, we aim to accommodate a wide range of order sizes to serve different client needs, from small businesses to large corporations.
For standard uniform designs, our MOQ might be relatively low, allowing smaller organizations to place orders without the need for large-scale production. However, for custom-designed uniforms or those requiring unique materials or intricate detailing, the MOQ might be higher due to the additional resources and setup involved.
We understand that each client has unique needs, and we strive to be as flexible as possible. We recommend discussing your specific requirements with us, and we will do our best to meet your needs while maintaining our commitment to quality and efficiency.
If you're a small business or require a smaller quantity, please reach out to us. We can discuss possible options, such as joining your order with a similar production run or offering alternative solutions that meet your needs while respecting our production capabilities."
This response provides a clear and comprehensive answer, highlighting flexibility and a willingness to work with the client's specific needs.

Can Aimee & Annabel assist in starting a clothing line?

We specialise in helping aspiring designers and entrepreneurs transform their fashion ideas into reality. Our team of experienced designers, skilled craftsmen, and knowledgeable industry experts provide comprehensive support throughout the process, from initial concept development to final garment production. Whether you have a fully-fledged design in mind or are starting from scratch, our expertise in garment manufacturing and market trends will ensure your clothing line is stylish and commercially viable. Let us guide you in launching a clothing line that reflects your unique vision and style
• Do we offer custom printing services? Absolutely! We provide custom printing services for unique patterns and brand logos.
• What sets Aimee & Annabel apart in Lagos' garment industry? Our dedication to quality, innovation, customer service, and sustainable practices distinguishes us.

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