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Garment Factory

Aimee and Annabel Ltd is one of Nigeria’s leading Garment Factory that helps mass produces uniforms at the highest quality at factory prices. We work with individuals, small brands, SMEs, companies, government agencies, and non-profit organizations.

We offer a full-scale manufacturing solution which includes a range of services

A progressive business needs a trustworthy and loyal partnership with a company like ours in today’s competitive world to meet all your sewing contract needs.

Aimee & Annabel is a privately owned organization. Our business has progressed miles since its establishment in 2006, and we have a reputable name when it comes to Cloth Manufacturing.

As a Garment Factory in Nigeria, we produce the following: shirts, Polo T-Shirts, Security Uniforms, Health Care uniforms, Mechanistic, Safety Uniforms, workers’ wear, hospitality wear, sportswear, corporate/office wears, and school uniforms.

We love to assist you through all the phases of production, from designing your uniforms, incorporate your brand, sew, and provide your desired outfits packaged. Check out some of  our work while you browse through our website

Garment Factory

Our customer perception

Based on our knowledge and expertise in our industry, consider us as any of the following

  • Your Industrial Sewing Factory
  • Your corporate Clothing Suppliers
  • Your Tailoring Factory
  • Your cloth-making factory or factory that makes cloth
  • You can consider us your cloth manufacturer for your small orders
  • Your cloth manufacturer for government, large and small business owners


Our Works

See some of our creative works

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Portfolio One

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Portfolio Five

Portfolio Fifteen

Portfolio Eleven

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Our Production Process

At Aimee and Annabel, when clients placed an order, we applied a step by step production procedure to meet each client customized uniform requirements. From one stage of production to the other is interwoven. Our production process includes:


At this stage, we start by working with your ideas. Your detailed specifications and sample picture will be of great help to understand your concept. For further clarification, we could proceed to do a graphics presentation. After a series of discussions on pricing, time of delivery, we move to the pre-production sample for your approval. After you have approved your designs and taken the opportunity to make any changes, we can proceed to bulk production.

Bulk production

During this stage, we start mass production after sample approval by the client. Bulk production requires creating a perfected identical piece of garment. Production excellence achieved as a result of our first pattern, grading made during the pre-production stage.No bulk production without the use of our pattern design. This action helps our final delivery to meet your expectation.


We carry out at this level step by step inspection to ensure perfection and excellence. Inspection is done at the purchase of fabrics for your order, during the mass production line, and finally during finishing and packaging. All these are to identify and correct any rare defect, if any.

Packaging & Delivery

Packaging and delivering are the last and essential part of the production process. Here we sort finished garment into either size, colors, etc.

To our clients

For the past few years, We have had the privileged to have worked directly or indirectly with several reputable and esteemed clients.

At all times and to every customer, we made up our minds to be the best doing what it takes.

We, at Aimee and Annabel,, strive for excellence at all times in a largely unorganized sector. That our unique differentiation, and what made us stand out.

Need to manufacture your Clothing Line ?


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Six reasons you should consider us for your next production

Production capability

At Aimee and Annabel, we are capable of meeting your specification. We don’t deviate from the exact requirement of our clients in terms of colors, fabrics, and designs. We apply proper branding on your uniform inline with your brand identity.


Our charges are reasonable with compromising quality compared with our competitors. To further reduce our price, we offer a bulk discount

Innovative and creativity

We work with our team to continually develop creative designs that we could share with our clients from time to time.

Quality of material

At Aimee and Annabel, for every project we handle, we use top quality material to ensure durability.

Timely delivery

We discuss the timelines in advance for your production. We follow this strictly to avoid delay. We know the effect this may have  especially  a dated event

Fast Support Services

When it comes to customers support, we are equal to the task. You can expect excellent  support services  from us

Your distance is no more a barrier to doing business with us.

Unable to visit our factory right way, never worry, you can now connect with us online on video conferencing such as Zoom (www.zoom.us )  or google meet( www.meet.google.com ). All you need to do is to send us a mail to set up a meeting for you. We look forward to meeting you.

Order for your wholesale plain t shirt. You can now request for a sample. Click for more info

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Group Picture
Group Photo few of our staff

Group Picture

Staff at work
Office Cross Session

Staff at work

Staff at work
Office Cross Session

Staff at work


Team Members

Please meet with our Founders & Co-founders

CEO AA ltd

Ojomo Oluwatosin


MD Aimee Aimee2

Ojomo Oluwafemi

Managing Director


Our Services

We provide unique and exceptional services at the highest level. What we do includes the following:

Contract / Bulk Sewing

Tshirt Factory Aimee & Annabel,  as a tshirt factory provides two types of contract/bulk sewing services. Firstly we offer

Printing Services

we provide printing service after production if you request for it. Our printing service ranges from Embroidering Service, Screen

Ready to Wear

We produce and sell our factory-made clothing, finish to perfection,  know as ready to wear on our online store,

Starting a clothing line

Clothing Line: T-shirts, Polo T-Shirts, sweatshirts, hoodies, pants, shirts, etc.   People often ask questions such as:  how do



Other Services

Other services include designing and creating a family outfit, T-Shirts, and polo for children parties, and  also outfit for

What Our Clients Say

When it comes to uniforms design, Aimee & Annabel is the best to reckon with in Nigeria Africa. I appreciate working together with this Garment Production Factory.

Aimee & Annabel’s design work process is seamless and relaxed in the sense that they are ready to suggest out of the box designs for any corporate organization.

What makes the product and services of this fashion outlet stand out is professionalism and accuracy in dressmaking.

If you are considering doing business with Aimee & Annabel, don’t hesitate at all; you are in the right place. Don’t think of going to China or India for your mass uniform or Tshirt production. Aimee And Anabel is the best choice to call.

– My testimony is one of the corporate Tshirt made for my company during the 50th anniversary of IITA The Tshirt stood us out among all other partners of IITA

Prince Ade Ajayi

Cofounder Corporate Farmers International
Prince Ade Ajayi


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