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Garment Factory in Lagos

Aimee and Annabel Ltd, popularly known as AA Limited, is a  leading Garment Factory in Lagos, Nigeria, that helps mass-produce uniforms (apparel) of the highest quality at factory prices. As a Clothing Manufacturer in Nigeria, we work with Clothing Line and brands for individuals, SMEs, companies, government agencies, and non-profit organizations. It is a One-Stop Sewing Factory in Nigeria.

Sewing factory now in Lagos, Nigeria. save cost, and time, traveling to China, India, Turkey

Garment Factory in Lagos

Consider us as the following

  • Your Industrial Sewing Factory
  • One of the t-shirt manufacturers in Lagos
  • Your corporate Clothing Suppliers
  • Your Tailoring Factory
  • Your t shirt factory or factory that makes cloth
  • You can consider us your one of the  cloth manufacturers in Nigeria  for your small orders
  • we are also referred to as the garment production house

We offer a full-scale manufacturing solution that includes a range of services. A progressive business needs a trustworthy and loyal partnership with a company like ours to meet all your sewing contract needs in today’s competitive world.

Aimee & Annabel is a privately owned organization. Our business has progressed miles since its establishment in 2006, and we have a reputable name for bulk sewing.
As a Garment Factory in Nigeria, we produce the following: shirts, Polo T-Shirts, Security Uniforms, Health Care uniforms, Mechanistic, Safety Uniforms, workers’ wear, hospitality wear, sportswear, corporate/office wears, and school uniforms.

As Garment Factory in Lagos, we love to assist you through all the production phases, from designing your uniforms, incorporating your brand, sewing, and providing your desired outfits packaged. Check out some of our work while you browse through our website.

Please take a look at some projects we have done

Our work

It is essential you know what we do

Our services

Bulk Sewing

Mass Production of various forms of uniforms of approved samples to meet up with our client expectations in terms of quality and delivery

Help Start a clothing line

We will help you take your dream from a business idea of starting a clothing line to launch in the world of fashion

Ready to wear

At Aimee and Annabel, we produce and sell factory-made clothing in standardized sizes available in a local and online stores.


We provide custom printing services on clothes using the latest technology from screen printing to embroidery to digital print.

We love to handle your next project.

The team behind the mission – Meet Our Founders

Our Production Process

At Aimee and Annabel, when clients place an order, we apply a step-by-step production procedure to meet each client customized uniform requirements. From one stage of production to the other is interwoven. Our production process includes:


At this stage, our Garment Factory in Lagos starts by working with your ideas. Your detailed specifications and sample picture will be of great help in understanding your concept. For further clarification, we could proceed to do a graphic presentation. After a series of discussions on pricing and time of delivery, we move to the pre-production sample for your approval. After you have approved your designs and taken the opportunity to make any changes, we can proceed to bulk production.

Bulk production

During this stage, we start mass production after sample approval by the client. Bulk production requires creating a perfected identical piece of garment. We achieved production excellence due to our first pattern, grading made during the pre-production stage.No bulk production without the use of our pattern design. This action helps our final delivery to meet your expectation.


At our Garment Factory in Lagos, we carry out this level of inspection to ensure perfection and excellence. We do an assessment when purchasing fabrics for your order, during the mass production line, and finally during finishing and packaging. All these are to identify and correct any rare defect if any.

Packaging & Delivery

Packaging and delivering are the last and essential parts of the production process. Here we sort finished garments into either size, colors, etc.

To our clients

For the past few years, We have had the privilege to work directly or indirectly with several reputable and esteemed clients.

At all times and to every customer, we made up our minds to be the best in doing what it takes.

At Aimee and Annabel, we strive for excellence at all times in a largely unorganized sector, and that is our unique differentiation and what makes us stand out

Visit our Garment Factory in Lagos Today.

Clothing Companies in Nigeria

If you are currently exploring, and choosing the best clothing company in Nigeria, an important question is what garment factory will you consider for your next project.

At Aimee and Annabel, we are committed to ensuring that you, our prospective client, are well informed of all available options when searching for a garment production company in Nigeria.

We are confident and proud of our bulk sewing services, and it’s among the best in the industry. We understand the industry; we make mass-produced uniforms with good quality sewing.

Feel free to compare, check out a list of local apparel manufacturers like OSC garment factory Ikeja and lekki garment factory or browse to the finelib directory for a list of apparel manufacturing. This could help you understand our core services in the industry and also help your decision-making.

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