Tailoring job with accommodation

Looking for a tailoring job, we need your help! If you’re a tailor with an eye for detail and looking to learn and work for the best, we’ve got a tailoring job with accommodation for you.

We currently have tailoring job vacancies for male/female head tailor roles. Your additional positions will allow room for growth on our team. please call us at 08023176620 or send us a message today if you are interested.

It will be an added advantage if applicants for the tailoring job with accommodation know how to sew t-shirts, joggers’ polo t-shirts, and sweatshirts. They must have worked in a garment factory before.

Jobs for Head Tailors:
As a head tailor, you should experience seeing both male and female wear. You should have excellent knowledge of fabrics, be able to draft/cut custom patterns based on measurements, and have management skills, which are vital in this industry.

The ideal candidate must possess practical problem-solving abilities with good communication skills when working closely with staff. You should be able to train new employees while still maintaining high-quality standards set by management.

As a Head Tailor, you should be able to train and supervise the production team to give explicit instructions on what they should do. You should be able to facilitate coordination between all members of staff involved with making clothes, from designing to putting the finishing.

Jobs for Tailors
Tailors are needed to join our organization with the ability to sew any outfit without supervision. Only Tailors with Experience, male and female, disciplined and well cultured, should apply.looking for tailoring job

Graphic Designer Job Vacancy in Lagos

Interested applicants for a tailoring job in Ikeja, Lagos  should call or what app 08023176620

You can also contact us  by clicking on the link


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