jobs for tailors

If you are looking for an opportunity to learn and grow with our team, then we want your help, tailors needed and is a tailoring job with accormodation We currently have vacancies for tailors in both male/female head tailor roles as well as tailoring positions. If this sounds like the perfect tailor job match-up, please call us at 08023176620 or send us a quick message via WhatsApp.

Head Tailors

  • Must be able to sew both male and female wears
  • Must have an eye for details
  • Should know how to draft /cut and create custom patterns based on measurement
  • Must have excellent knowledge of fabrics
  • Should have excellent organizational problem solving, time management skills and practical time communication skills
  • Should be able to train, supervise give explicit instruction to the production team
  • Ability to train, supervise and coordinate the activities of the production team

Vacancy Tailors

 Experience tailors needed Male and female  tailors to join our organization with the ability to sew any outfit without supervision

Graphic Designer Job Vacancy in Lagos

Interested applicants for a tailoring job in Lagos  should call or what app 08023176620

You can also send us a mail by clicking Here